Maternal Maltreatment [FullHD] (FacialAbuse/2022)

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Maternal Maltreatment [FullHD] (FacialAbuse/2022)

Facial Abuse - Maternal Maltreatment

I love moms. They just accept their role as a fuck hole. Especially single moms. They are the last one standing at a dive bar, and they always buy last round. This one knew her purpose was to serve like a washed up waitress at a relic diner--and she did just that, and might I say, she kicked ass. Her was kicked, too. It was BTFO and she ate every lick of ca-ca off the cock that was buried in her colon like a cadaver. She drank yellow discipline like a good mommy... She took a DP like the submissive progenitor she is. She got slapped around like we were her ex biker husband, and all she would do was put up her hands in a defensive posture. A pure, trained "activated" victim--the best kind of mommy. She took 3 loads to that maternal mug. Then she got the whore bowl dumped all over her. Everyday is mothers day when we film a porno. This is why WE ARE THE BEST!

Name Porn: Maternal Maltreatment
PaySite: FacialAbuse
Year: 2022

Duration: 01:04:03
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.90 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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