Anita, Angelina Backpackers Bottoms + Interview Retford [HD] (2022)

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Anita, Angelina Backpackers Bottoms + Interview Retford [HD] (2022)

Anita and Angelina have just gotten back to their room at the lodge after a long day of backpacking and are exhausted. They realize they've forgotten to bring cash to pay for the room, but do have the money in the bank so hope the owner will be understanding and willing to get it from them the next day. The owner does come around to collect the rate for the night, and they explain to him that they don't have it with them but can pay tomorrow. He explains that it doesn't work that way, and they'll have to pay or find somewhere else to go for the night. Since they have no way to pay, and are attractive young women, the man takes advantage of the situation and tells the two girls that he will allow them to stay and pay him tomorrow, but only if they allow him to spank them! The girls find this strange, but he assures them that he won't do anything sexual, and they do not want to go out in the rain in their exhausted state, so they agree. He makes both girls show him their panties, and decides to spank Anita first, guiding her over his lap. He tells Angelina to lift her shirt and show off her body while he spanks Anita, very much enjoying the view, before he switches to spanking Angelina. He takes turns putting the girls over his knee and then bends them over on the bed side by side to have just a bit more fun before he leaves them rubbing their sore bottoms. Next time, they will remember to bring cash!
Retford interviews three performers after a day of shooting: Anita who has just done her first shoot, Angelina, who has just done her second shoot for the company, and Colin Baxter, who is a regular top for the site. They discuss their experience shooting, their favorite scenes that they shot, and the girls admit their most and least favorite implements. Then Anita and Angelina show off the lingering marks and redness on their bottoms, providing Mr. Baxter the opportunity to enjoy getting in a few last swats for fun.

Name Porn: Backpackers Bottoms + Interview Retford
Year: 2022
Cast: Anita, Angelina
Genres: Archive bondage, Bondage bdsm porn, Bondage porn video

Duration: 00:10:02
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 295 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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