Verity Page A Lesson In Pain [FullHD] (Redstripefilms/2022)

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Verity Page A Lesson In Pain [FullHD] (Redstripefilms/2022)

Young Verity is up in front of the head teacher at her expensive boarding school. Her guardian has been summoned and he is not best pleased. Verity will not learn, not only is she badly behaved at home but she is also a real bully at school. The headmaster is asked to take her in hand and improve her behaviour. He is well practiced in improving the behaviour of young ladies and verity soon finds herself over the study table. The head selects a heavy punishment paddle for this lesson and it is soon being applied to the bare bottom. After being well punished Verity thinks that maybe, just maybe she got off quite lightly but no, the headmaster has other ideas. Her behaviour and her total lack of remorse indicate that the lesson has not been learned. The punishment must continue. Her uniform skirt is raised and she has to bend over the staff room table, this is where punishments of this sort are traditionally carried out. She is caned and caned very hard. She ends the punishment session in tears.

Name Porn: A Lesson In Pain
PaySite: Redstripefilms
Year: 2022
Cast: Verity Page
Genres: Blindfolds bdsm porn, Dirty sex bdsm, Amatari bdsm sex

Duration: 00:18:19
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 676 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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