Holly, Willow, Sarah Stern The House Of Correction [FullHD] (English-spankers/2022)

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Holly, Willow, Sarah Stern The House Of Correction [FullHD] (English-spankers/2022)

Friends Holly & Willow have been sent by the courts to serve a sentence at the House Of Correction. These two badly behaved young girls are in for a short sharp shock and it begins as soon as they come through the door. In turn they have to strip naked for inspection and then Holly is the first to be bent over the punishment bench and receive her first painful spanking. Holly & Willow are typical teens, they simply don't know when to keep their mouths shut, not that it would help them at the moment. Mrs. Stern is in the middle of giving them their introductory spanking upon entering her House Of Correction, Now it's the turn of young willow to strip naked and present her bottom to the hard hand of Mrs. Stern. Never having been spanked before this is a real eye opener for this badly behaved girl. It really is painful. Holly & Willow have now found Mrs. Sterns private supply of booze and are having a party. This is brutally broken up by the said Mrs. Stern who does not find it at all funny. These girls are about to suffer and there is no way out. The punishment bench is front and centre and Willow is the first over it. Her bare bottom gets a hell of a paddling from Mrs. Stern first over her panties and a tight wedgie and Holly is then instructed to beat her friend. Nasty and very painful. It is now the turn of Holly to bend over the punishment bench in the house of correction. She has been made to punish her friend and now Willow has to take on the roll of punisher. Not satisfied with the strength of her paddle strokes onto the bare bottom of Holly Mrs. Stern takes over to show her how it should be done. She gives poor Holly a real leathering before placing the girls side by side and beating both bare arses together.

Name Porn: The House Of Correction
PaySite: English-spankers
Year: 2022
Cast: Holly, Willow, Sarah Stern
Genres: Bdsm hd, Exclusive bdsm, Hot porn bdsm

Duration: 00:17:45
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.12 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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