Luna Lovely Suspended Climax [HD] (HardTied/2022)

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Luna Lovely Suspended Climax [HD] (HardTied/2022)

Luna Lovely likes being restrained. Her slim and curvy little body is quite the attraction too. It's a match made in heaven. Her neck is the first thing to get roped. Then it's her wrists to her arms. She gets more aroused the tighter the ropes get. She strains in the bondage. Not to free herself, but because she loves the way it feels. She pulls on the rope around her neck because she loves how it makes her feel.
She mentioned a love for being suspended. OT is more than happy to give her what she wants as long as he can take what he wants. What does he want? He wants control over her orgasm. Luna isn't going to get to cum unless he wants her to. Of course he makes her hold it to the last possible moment. He teases her till she can't hold back anymore. That's when he shoves the dildo in her ass. Just when she's taking it deep in the ass for him he lets her cum and she cums hard.

Name Porn: Suspended Climax
PaySite: HardTied
Year: 2022
Cast: Luna Lovely
Genres: Torture and slave porn, Humiliation male domination, Hard Fuck In Bdsm Sex

Duration: 00:38:26
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.04 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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