Kat Monroe Spiked: Part 3 [HD] (RealTimeBondage/2022)

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Kat Monroe Spiked: Part 3 [HD] (RealTimeBondage/2022)

After her electro interrogation Kat is put back on the spike board. This time she's sitting on it with her hands cuffed behind her back. It's time to get dirty. In honor of Easter Kat has to put as many peeps in her mouth as she can possibly fit. It turns out that she hates marshmallows. That's not all! Once she's got her mouth full of marshmallow the whole crew is going to spit on her. Each time it's only after they've eaten some peeps. Her face is turned pink and yellow from the sugar. Then OT pulls out a giant chocolate bunny and begins to fuck Kat's face with it.
Kat must pay the piper. She offered cane strokes and now she's going to have to take them. The cane is hard for Kat. It's not her favorite thing. Each stroke is really painful and Kat does her best. Then Luna agrees to take some of her strokes. Luna gets four good hard strokes.

Name Porn: Spiked: Part 3
PaySite: RealTimeBondage
Year: 2022
Cast: Kat Monroe
Genres: Humiliating porn videos, Hard porn pain, Incredible pain in sex

Duration: 00:37:09
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.98 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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