Rain DeGrey La Cucaracha, Part 2 [HD] (RealTimeBondage/2022)

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Rain DeGrey La Cucaracha, Part 2 [HD] (RealTimeBondage/2022)

When we strap Rain DeGrey down she seems ready to go. When we finally let her up she seems ready to collapse. What happens in between is an intense exercise in erotic BDSM. Or perhaps it is just us being fucked up sadists to a beautiful, defenseless woman.
Spread her legs and they expose the perfect target for our twisted punishment. Whip it, flog it, vibrate it, just don't ignore it. When it comes to pussy our policy is that anything goes as long as it hurts. It is the kind of stance Rain could really get behind if she wasn't on the receiving end of it.
And there is plenty more to come. We said that when we let her up SHE was ready to collapse, but we still have another treatment in store for her. This one involves suspending her, inverted, over a tank of water with weights around her neck. You can imagine where things go from there or you can see for yourself.

Name Porn: La Cucaracha, Part 2
PaySite: RealTimeBondage
Year: 2022
Cast: Rain DeGrey
Genres: Fingering porn, Spanking torture porn, Spanking incredible pain

Duration: 00:42:31
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.25 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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