Marilyn Sugar The Life Erotic [FullHD] (2022)

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Marilyn Sugar The Life Erotic [FullHD] (2022)

The Life Erotic - Marilyn Sugar

Sizzling-hot Czech blonde Marilyn Sugar is getting nasty in nylons – doubling up in stockings and pantyhose. The movie opens with an upskirt shot of the pierced and tattooed babe in a latex miniskirt, pink crop-top, and spike-heeled pumps. She is also wearing black leather-look stockings with matching garters and thong panties, and sheer black pantyhose over the top... Marilyn sits cross-legged in a chair and removes her shoes. She gives her feet and legs a quick massage, then rips huge holes in her pantyhose and splays her thighs to flaunt the reinforced crotch. Surrounded by snags and runs it is mostly intact – until she claws at it with manicured fingers and tears it wide open. She pulls aside her shiny thong, then begins to masturbate her puffy shaved pussy. Next, she stands up and kneads her perfect breasts through her top, before taking it off. Now she gets a little rough, squeezing and spanking her perky globes and pinching and stretching her nipples.

Name Porn: The Life Erotic
Year: 2022
Cast: Marilyn Sugar
Genres: Extreme porn bdsm, Rare bdsm, American bdsm sex

Duration: 00:13:09
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 469 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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