Ela Darling No Escape [HD] (HardTied/2022)

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Ela Darling No Escape [HD] (HardTied/2022)

Jack Hammer has his own, special way of handling the beauties that come into his lair. He's too fast and too strong for a hot, little thing like Ela Darling to get away from. Once he has his hands on her, there is no escape. She can barely struggle in his grip, even before he gets the ropes around her limbs. He takes her down to the ground and subdues her while she desperately tries to scream or plead through the hand clapped over her mouth. When he gets the rag stuffed in there it will make it even harder for her.
Jack gets Ela tied up and he walks away. She watches him go and has to be wondering what the hell he's doing. She's used to being desired. She just assumed that if a man was going to go through all of the trouble to get her helpless on the floor he was doing it so he could fuck her. He's got much more in store for her than that. He wants to see her scream and squirm and cum. When she looks at him now he can see the fear in her eyes. Before he's done with her it will be replaced with lust and devotion. Maybe then he'll use her the way she wants, when she is so hot for him that instead of begging for freedom she is begging for cock. Until then she'll just keep getting her holes violated with everything else he has close at hand.

Name Porn: No Escape
PaySite: HardTied
Year: 2022
Cast: Ela Darling
Genres: Bdsm fullhd, Porn movie bdsm, Hard porn video bdsm

Duration: 00:53:12
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.62 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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