Chichi Medina, Chrissy Marie Tortured By Demons [SD] (Captivechrissymarie/2022)

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Chichi Medina, Chrissy Marie Tortured By Demons [SD] (Captivechrissymarie/2022)

When we last saw Igor he had helped Chrissy Marie escape and appeared to have been done in by the demon. The camera shot opens with Igor getting to his feet. The demon watches him stand up. "Oh good Igor you are alive". While the demon is grateful his servant is alive he is also angry since he betrayed him and helped Chrissy escape. Igor begs for forgiveness and tells the demon her beauty caused him to lose his head. The demon tells Igor “unless you want a fate even worse than the one you have, you must bring Chrissy Marie back to me. Do whatever you have to do”. Igor promises that he will not fail him and goes to lure Chrissy Marie back to hell. Chrissy is getting ready for bed when suddenly Igor appears next to her. "Igor, what are you doing here?" He tells her "I have come to take you back. You must go, behold the demon has your friend. Look into the crystal ball, this is happening as we speak". Igor holds the crystal ball for Chrissy to peer into. As she looks into the crystal ball she is shocked. "We have your best friend and only you can save her." As she peers into the crystal ball we begin to we see what Chrissy sees. It's Chichi! She is restrained against the wall naked with her arms stretched overhead and is being flogged by the demon. The demon peers back at Chrissy through the crystal ball. "Only you can stop this" he says. Then he goes back to relentlessly flogging Chichi's tits and she struggles and screams. We cut back to see Chrissy’s reactions as she watches her best friend being tortured. Igor tells her "you must return with me or this continues forever". Chrissy continues watching Chichi through the crystal ball. We see the flogger land on her tits from all angles.

Name Porn: Tortured By Demons
PaySite: Captivechrissymarie
Year: 2022
Cast: Chichi Medina, Chrissy Marie
Genres: Bdsm fullhd, Porn movie bdsm, Hard porn video bdsm

Duration: 00:03:08
Quality: SD
Format: RealMedia
Size: 33.5 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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