Hope Slave of Throne - Part 02 [HD] (2022)

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Hope Slave of Throne - Part 02 [HD] (2022)

Well, Masters... Do you trust your slaves? Are you sure of their loyalty? Let's have a social experiment. Subject of this experiment is slave girl Hope, who, as far as she says, loves her Master very much. Dr. Lomp will test her loyalty: he will cane her on her most sensitive points, her soles. To get rid of this torture, Hope must dispraise her master. On one hand is unbearable pain, on the other unfaithfulness. How do you say? Will this "loyal" slave girl endure the fire on her soles, or will she give up her loyalty and easily betray her master? Before betting, don't miss to take Dr. Lomp's famous torment into consideration.

Name Porn: Slave of Throne - Part 02
Year: 2022
Cast: Hope
Genres: Kink bdsm sex, Porn video kink, Hard nipple torture

Duration: 00:22:55
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1005 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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