314, Sister Dee The Submission of 314 Part Three [SD] (RealTimeBondage/2022)

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314, Sister Dee The Submission of 314 Part Three [SD] (RealTimeBondage/2022)

314 is ass up attached to the table. Such inviting globes need attention. A solid caning is just what she needs. Her tears are so delicious as she struggles to maintain composure. The hits just keep on coming. Once her ass is red and striped she needs to eat. If you though it was going to be something tasty you haven't been watching. 314 gets a disgusting can of dog food that spends it's time on the floor, then on her face, and finally in her mouth. She's put into the chair and the electricity is connected. It's time for a good old fashion interrogation. As the questions get harder it's clear 314 is struggling to take the electricity. Her sobs

Name Porn: The Submission of 314 Part Three
PaySite: RealTimeBondage
Year: 2022
Cast: 314, Sister Dee
Genres: Blindfolds bdsm porn, Dirty sex bdsm, Amatari bdsm sex

Duration: 01:10:35
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.42 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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