Kyra  Thorny Path to Salvation - Part 6 [SD] (Graias/2022)

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Kyra  Thorny Path to Salvation - Part 6 [SD] (Graias/2022)

Poor Kyra is again on torture bench, and this time her ankles and wrists are tightly fixed to the bench. There is no room for her to escape from her painful fate. Dr. Lomp, who has already got his slave's resistance ruined, is not just enjoying her helplessness and obedience. He has got the famous single tail whip in his hand, he is continuously hitting poor Kyra's perfect butts, where at the same time, he is humiliating desperate girl, as she perfectly understand her bottom place next to Dr. Lomp. In every strike, her flesh gets another whip print. As she weeps unstoppable, Kyra is about to consume all her tears of her whole life in this final part of the serial.

Name Porn: Thorny Path to Salvation - Part 6
PaySite: Graias
Year: 2022
Cast: Kyra 
Genres: Torture and slave porn, Humiliation male domination, Hard Fuck In Bdsm Sex

Duration: 00:15:23
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 167 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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