Sarah Jane Ceylon TUITION II [SD] (InfernalRestraints/2022)

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Sarah Jane Ceylon TUITION II [SD] (InfernalRestraints/2022)

Sarah Jane, also known as 625 in the INSEX days, is Strapped to his table. The stripes across her body indicate the ordeal she's already been through. There's still far more to come. The skintight leather hood keeps her guessing about what is about to happen. A rawhide cane lashes her milky white skin. Her sweet screams penetrate the leather and arouse him. When she's good and red he uses her wet little cunt. Each time Sara Jane thinks he's had enough there's a new position and a new torment to endure. With no end in sight she resigns herself to her plight. If she's compliant maybe he won't hurt her quite as much

PaySite: InfernalRestraints
Year: 2022
Cast: Sarah Jane Ceylon
Genres: Bdsm video sex, Extreme sex bdsm, Sex archive bdsm

Duration: 00:37:54
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 785 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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