Brooke Johnson Punish my Mouth and Tummy [SD] (SlaveMouth/2022)

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Brooke Johnson Punish my Mouth and Tummy [SD] (SlaveMouth/2022)

Punish my Mouth and TummyBrooke Johnson, January 22, 2020
Brooke Johnson is a hot little hardcore masochist who makes suffering look easy. She's also very submissive to Dr. Mercies, so this was a happy day for him. He asked her to dress up like a sweet girl and then turned her into a dirty, sweet piggie toy. He fucked her face with a painful set of tongue tongues in her mouth and a nice metal hook secured into her nose to make it more porcine. Then he fucked her face very roughly, including while he lay on top of her with his knees jammed into her tummy. He also sat on her face with the metal hook in it to hurt her nose while he beat her. Finally, he fed her a special ass-dipped, foot-delivered cum meal, which you'll have to watch to fully enjoy. Brooke and Dr. Mercies finished in good spirits.

Name Porn: Punish my Mouth and Tummy
PaySite: SlaveMouth
Year: 2022
Cast: Brooke Johnson
Genres: Bdsm video sex, Extreme sex bdsm, Sex archive bdsm

Duration: 00:31:10
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 196 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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