Greyhound Gimped [HD] (BrutalMaster/2022)

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Greyhound Gimped [HD] (BrutalMaster/2022)

Greyhound, from BondageLife, is gimped often, you would be surprised how often. But in this gimp session, things go a bit differently. She is not only bound in a frankly cruel manner, but she is also periodically beaten for your amusement.
She struggles painfulle crawling around the floor, hooded, unable to see or speak (not that she is allowed to speak anyway) while being whipped. Eventually she winds up in her cage with a huge dildo, instructed to work the dildo which she tries to do.
This is really the perfect sequel to Greyhound's "Day in the Life," because this is how she spends so much of her life, one way or another Another glimpse into her reality.
This is Greyhound showing what a real slave looks like.

Name Porn: Greyhound Gimped
PaySite: BrutalMaster
Year: 2022
Genres: Bdsm fullhd, Porn movie bdsm, Hard porn video bdsm

Duration: 00:45:43
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 3.28 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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