Rachel Adams Hand Chastity [FullHD] (ChastityBabes/2022)

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Rachel Adams Hand Chastity [FullHD] (ChastityBabes/2022)

Having Rachel Adams lounging around in the studio was a lot of fun in the first days of her Locktober Chastity Deal. Unfortunately, she needed to fly home to the USA again, but I decided to give her one last Challenge while she was still here.
Last weekend, Rachel and Kerry were my ChastityBabes.com promo girls at a German fetish convention (click here for a picture, more pictures on both girls’ Twitter accounts). We also visited the booth of famous Belgian chastity belt maker Carrara. Walter proudly showed us his latest creation: a pair of claws that prevent the wearer from using their fingers! These heavy metal devices are completely adjustable and locking, so there is no chance someone can escape these without a key!
He locked Rachel Adams in a pair of claws and told her to walk around the convention floor (he kept the keys of course). She was completely helpless! We jokingly called it ‘hand chastity’. A girl wouldn’t even need a chastity belt with these claws locked on! Pictures of Rachel Adams locked in the claws at the convention are included in this update.
Back in Holland, in the studio, I found Rachel lounging on the bed in her belt and collar. Much to her surprise, I showed her the Carrara claws which had been kindly borrowed to me by Carrara Designs. When I challenged her to 4 hours locked in these heavy restraints, she agreed it would be fun to try. She wouldn’t be able to do anything at all, she couldn’t even use her phone. These things are extreme! Rachel is such a beautiful submissive girl, I am sad she has gone home, but I am very excited to see her reports and selfies in the belt during the entire month of Locktober!

Name Porn: Hand Chastity
PaySite: ChastityBabes
Year: 2022
Cast: Rachel Adams
Genres: Extreme porn bdsm, Rare bdsm, American bdsm sex

Duration: 00:30:00
Quality: FullHD

Categories: EXTREME
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