Satin Bloom Absolute Surrender, Part 1 [SD] (HouseOfTaboo/2022)

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Satin Bloom Absolute Surrender, Part 1 [SD] (HouseOfTaboo/2022)

In today's intense roleplay, the beautiful Satin Bloom portrays a prostitute who is being given lessons in total submission by her pimp, played by Cage. After speaking to her harshly at the beginning of this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video, Cage returns with a metal neck clamp which restrains Satin's hands and wrists so that he may more effectively steer her to absolute surrender.
After laying her on her side and spanking her ass, Cage then uses her mouth to lubricate a black plug which he crams into her bottom. Then he makes her squat over on the couch and suck his cock as the extreme sex ramps up.
Shifting her to the floor, he has her kneel before his ruthless rod and even pinches her nose to encourage her to give him the worshipful blowjob he requires--and this makes Satin's eyes bulge in surprise. After this, he bends her over on the couch again and spanks her ass some more.
For the final act of this first part of her disciplinary lessons, Cage strips Satin down to just her sheer black stockings and heels, and then has her kneel on the floor and kiss and lick his brown shoes. What challenges will she face next? Be here in a few days and you'll see.

Name Porn: Absolute Surrender, Part 1
PaySite: HouseOfTaboo
Year: 2022
Cast: Satin Bloom
Genres: Fingering porn, Spanking torture porn, Spanking incredible pain

Duration: 00:27:41
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 927 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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