Kacie Castle Straight for the Castle [HD] (HardTied/2022)

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Kacie Castle Straight for the Castle [HD] (HardTied/2022)

Kacie Castle is reserved. She takes it all in as she’s handled into bondage. She doesn’t betray the fact that she’s completely aroused by being bound. Once her body is exposed she has no choice. It’s obvious!
The rope around her neck is tied just beyond her reach. The more she reaches to release it the tighter it becomes. Then she’s ordered to put the wet spot of her panties in her mouth. Pantyhose and black tape follow. The INSEX mask is complete.
Kacie finally succumbs to the metal wand and tiny vibrator. Her cunt is blasted and she cums over and over again. Every time she thinks it’s over it starts again. Until she’s a sopping mess.

Name Porn: Straight for the Castle
PaySite: HardTied
Year: 2022
Cast: Kacie Castle
Genres: Real torture in bdsm, Pain and humiliation porn, Hard group sex

Duration: 00:40:33
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.16 GB

Categories: EXTREME
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