Slave Trade 2 [SD] (AntonVideo/2022)

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Slave Trade 2 [SD] (AntonVideo/2022)

The girls abductors intensify their efforts to turn these strong independent women into obedient, submissive slaves. Anastasia forces Alicia to slap, spank, fondle and humiliate her fellow slave Sinn. She even makes her apply nipple clamps to her friends perky nipples. In an incredibly erotic scene, the girls are forced to kiss and make out while Sinn is still bound. Anastasia takes no mercy and ties the girls in a humiliating face to face tie. Things get even worse as the girls are bound, gagged (Alicia with a ball, Sinn with a large bit gag) and made to feel the harsh sting of Anastasias whip. Anastasia puts clamps on their nipples and even attaches clothes pins to their tender flesh. Allison, Promise and Jersey suffer similar indignities. Bent over a table naked, their tasty asses are spanked and croppped while their cruel male captors taunt and mock them. Later, Jersey and Promise are bound on a bed, their hot pussies fully exposed and vulnerable. One of the male slave traders uses them for his own pleasure--he gropes them all over and lustfully licks their bodies while they plead and whimper. Mary Jane, nude and tightly bound to a chair, is terorized by Anastasia. The vicious Mistress lights a cigarette and threatens her victim with it, coming very close to burning her nipples. She then threatens Mary Jane with the flame of a cigarette lighter. Finally, in a brutal scene, she uses the lighter to burn the soles of Mary Janes feet as Mary Jane screams in pain! Poor Alicia, still tightly bound and gagged, whimpers with fear as she is sealed in a box to be shipped to her new owner. Sinn manages to get the upper hand on her trainer and soon it is Anastasia who is bound and whipped! But can she really escape from these monsters?!! What will happen next?

Name Porn: Slave Trade 2
PaySite: AntonVideo
Year: 2022
Genres: Bdsm video sex, Extreme sex bdsm, Sex archive bdsm

Duration: 01:34:42
Quality: SD
Format: RealMedia
Size: 622 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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