Sister Dee, PD To Please [HD] (InfernalRestraints/2022)

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Sister Dee, PD To Please [HD] (InfernalRestraints/2022)

It is a chilly morning in the mountains and Sister Dee has been outside on display all night. She will do anything to get in out of the cold, a willingness that PD will be all too happy to exploit. Once she is inside she has no time to reconsider. The frigid air may have been uncomfortable but it would never have left the marks that PD will. The cane comes down on her legs with so much force she is shaking like a leaf just to keep her feet under her. He will have her black and blue by nightfall, without a doubt. She begs, hoping that he has just an ounce of mercy in his heart. It will never happen. She thought it was cold outside, but his heart is made of ice.

Name Porn: To Please
PaySite: InfernalRestraints
Year: 2022
Cast: Sister Dee, PD
Genres: Bdsm video sex, Extreme sex bdsm, Sex archive bdsm

Duration: 00:40:05
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 450 MB

Categories: EXTREME
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